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Omdat ik een assignment van &samhoud had ontvangen.

“We are &samhoud. Started as a vision-driven usual unusal consultancy firm that creates sustainable and measurable value for employees, customers, shareholders and society, we have grown to be a global brand with business lines operating in food, gastronomy, media, consultancy and serious gaming.

We are connected by our shared higher goal:

Together we build a brighter future.
We achieve breakthroughs by inspiring and connecting people.


Our symbol for that is the blue ball. The ball represents connection in the way that it works as an element which brings people together. For instance, the ball invites people to play. When you throw a ball into a group of people they will start playing with it – even if they don’t know each other or if they don’t speak the same language. Without words, a ball connects people.

It is blue also for a reason. This tone of Blue represents inspiration. Like the sky, this colour blue refers to limitless possibilities, to making dreams come true. Like the sea, the colour blue embodies enormous depths. Mysterious, fascinating and full of life. The blue ball comprises both the energy of &samhoud and the concept of connection.

We are looking for a new symbol that contains both of subjects. And our question for you is to create a concept for this new symbol.”

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