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After my iMac 27″ (2009) died, the trackpad and keyboard of the MacBook Pro Retina (2013) stopped working and Apple announced the crazy high priced new MacBook Pro’s, I decided to build my own computer.

I tried to buy all the parts that are recommended on, but I was not convinced I could build my own computer and also install OS X/macOs on it. So, the first part I bought was the 950 OC WF 2Gb. It was cheap and I thought it would be a good idea to buy only cheap parts for this first hackintosh build. But then realised I also could buy better parts and install Windows 10 if it all wouldn’t work out..

But, I succeeded! Only a few minor issues (sound gone after sleep, iMessage not working), but I will fix this now I know how to make a bootable backup with CCC.

I have this machine running for two days now, no issues, no kernel panics, it works great. This computer will mainly be used for Adobe CC and some web development. Maybe in the future I’ll update the GPU, but for now I’m pretty happy!


Edit (augustus 2017): ‘Kleine’ update (2x keer betere graphics performance). Nieuwe videokaart!

Edit (november 2017): Upgrade naar High Sierra 10.13.1 met APFS. Werkt prima!

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